Teplitz campaigns using taxpayer money, DiSanto calls for real reform

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State Senate Candidate John DiSanto today criticized Senator Rob Teplitz for taxpayer-funded campaigning so close to an election. DiSanto also proposed real and significant reforms to the rules. “For someone who talks so much about reform, Senator Teplitz is quick to violate the intent of the rules designed to prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent on political campaigns,” DiSanto said. …

The DiSanto Plan to Create a Smaller Government that Works for Us

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“As a private sector businessman, I know that you can either grow the government or you can grow the economy. I want to grow the economy and let small business owners expand and create jobs.” Click to view the full plan: John DiSanto’s Plan for a Smaller Government that Works for Us

DiSanto Questions Teplitz Votes on Budget

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When I committed to run for the State Senate last fall, I did so because I believed the legislature and governor have lost touch with the average person. Any doubt about that fact was erased in my mind this past week when both chambers passed a spending plan with no idea how to pay for it and the governor let …

Golden Gloves State Finals

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Boxing is back in Harrisburg! Join us for the Golden Gloves State Finals on May 7th at the Zembo Shrine! Tickets will be sold at multiple locations. Please see the flyer below for more information.

Thank You!

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Greetings from the DiSanto for Senate Campaign Office. I’ve been very busy the last two days receiving visitors, phone calls and emails from our victory on Election Night! Although our victory was closer than I had anticipated, we ran a strong campaign keeping our integrity high and focusing on our campaign platform. I want to thank each and very one of you for ...

Thank You to Our Volunteers, Supporters and Friends!

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Free and open elections represent the core our political system. To witness this process in action is incredible. Thank you to my family and the countless number of volunteers that knocked on doors, made phone calls, and shared my story. Without you, none of this would have been possible. I am grateful for and humbled by your continued support. Now ...

DiSanto Criticizes Wolf-Teplitz Cuts to Dauphin County Schools 

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A newly released spreadsheet on school funding shows Dauphin County schools suffering at the hands of a new formula supported by Democrats Tom Wolf and Rob Teplitz (D-Dauphin). Teplitz was a member of the Basic Education Funding Commission, formed in 2014 to restore equity to the way the school funding pie was sliced.  He endorsed the formula developed by the Commission in June of …

Sometimes Straight Talk Creates A Stir

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Thank you for all your recent comments. I realize my comment on marijuana has created quite a stir, and I wanted to address it, but before I do let me say one thing – I am not a career politician. I am not always going to answer questions in a politically correct way, so sometimes the things I say will ...