Sometimes Straight Talk Creates A Stir

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Thank you for all your recent comments. I realize my comment on marijuana has created quite a stir, and I wanted to address it, but before I do let me say one thing – I am not a career politician. I am not always going to answer questions in a politically correct way, so sometimes the things I say will be blunt. To be honest, I don’t know any other way. I’m not a politician and I’m not interested in sounding like a politician. After all, career politicians have gotten us into the mess we are in.

Although I used the term “legalization” I should have said “decriminalization” referring to marijuana. I believe the real issue confronting society is opiate use leading to heroin addiction. I believe law enforcement should be spending their efforts and resources confronting this crisis, which by far is the most destructive, epidemic we are facing.

As a constitutional conservative, I believe that self-determination should always rise above government. Without a clear danger to individuals I believe decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana is the right public policy. In no way do I support legalization or decriminalization of dangerous drugs.

As a fiscal conservative, I do not believe we can justify the expense of this war on Marijuana when we face life threatening drugs like heroin prevalent on our streets. To be clear, I believe we need to use these precious resources to fight that epidemic, not to chase and prosecute small amounts of marijuana.

At a minimum, I hope the legislature quickly moves to consensus on the medical marijuana bill. There are real people hurting, and we cannot let this issue get caught up in the same old political fights.

If asked the question again I would be clearer in my comments, however the answer would be the same. I have promised to always be forthright and honest in my comments. I cannot start to answer questions in a “politically correct” manner. Otherwise I would become just another career politician.


John DiSanto