Correcting the Record – An Open Letter to Sen. Teplitz

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10/25/16 An Open Letter to Senator Rob Teplitz Dear Senator Teplitz, Today on the WITF debate you made some wild and inaccurate charges against me. I wanted to set the record straight on each one of them. I actually bolded the facts because you seem to be missing them over and over again, and I thought this might help you. …

Teplitz Wastes Tax Dollars While DiSanto Offers Reforms

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State Senator Rob Teplitz has proved once again that he is more interested in gimmicks than practical solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvanians. Teplitz held a taxpayer funded “roundtable discussion” yesterday with other Democrat senators to discuss his budget proposals, but Teplitz’ ideas are not only a waste of time and money, but downright dangerous. On top of the $150 …

Job Creators Endorse John DiSanto

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The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry’s ChamberPAC has endorsed John DiSanto for state senate. In endorsing John, they wrote: “John DiSanto’s experience in both the private sector, and his involvement in many community programs, give him a unique perspective on how government and business can work together to promote policies that will help move Pennsylvania forward,” said PA Chamber …

Small Business Community Endorses John DiSanto

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The NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) PA SAFE (Save America’s Free Enterprise) Trust has endorsed John DiSanto for the State Senate. In their endorsement, NFIB PA SAFE said of John: Your election is not only critical to the small-business owners in your district, but also to protecting free enterprise across Pennsylvania. On behalf of all NFIB members, we look …

DiSanto Commits to Four Debates

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Republican candidate for the State Senate John DiSanto today announced the debate schedule to which he has committed and thanked the sponsors of the forums. If Senator Teplitz agrees, there will be up to four debates between the candidates, allowing the citizens of the 15th District to judge who better represents their interests and values. “I look forward to these …

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I’m tired of all the manure being produced by my opponent and the other career politicians, and I know just how to deal with it.

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With John DiSanto in the State Senate, the career politicians are in for a bumpy ride!

Teplitz campaigns using taxpayer money, DiSanto calls for real reform

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State Senate Candidate John DiSanto today criticized Senator Rob Teplitz for taxpayer-funded campaigning so close to an election. DiSanto also proposed real and significant reforms to the rules. “For someone who talks so much about reform, Senator Teplitz is quick to violate the intent of the rules designed to prevent taxpayer dollars from being spent on political campaigns,” DiSanto said. …