Thank You!

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Greetings from the DiSanto for Senate Campaign Office. I’ve been very busy the last two days receiving visitors, phone calls and emails from our victory on Election Night!

Although our victory was closer than I had anticipated, we ran a strong campaign keeping our integrity high and focusing on our campaign platform.

I want to thank each and very one of you for your support over these last few months. Whether your support was financial, working in the campaign office, knocking doors, installing signs, manning the phone bank, running errands or simply lending your encouragement. It was all crucial to our victory. I cannot express my thanks and the debt I owe all of you for believing in me after Maria and I made the decision that I would run for office.

I also want to acknowledge Andrew Lewis who ran a tough, hard fought campaign. He made us work harder, which will better prepare us for our challenge against Senator Teplitz. I look forward to the Republican Parties in Dauphin and Perry Counties coming together and working hard for victory in November.

I appreciate your confidence in me and look forward to bringing our message of smaller, efficient government serving the tax payers of Senate District 15 and all of Pennsylvania.

I look forward to working with all of you moving forward to victory in November!


John M. DiSanto