John’s Plan for a Better Pennsylvania


Cutting Wasteful Spending
John DiSanto has spent a lifetime growing a business and finding efficiencies that have helped his bottom line. As a State Senator, John will fight to cut wasteful spending rather than raise taxes. State government is bloated with bureaucrats and waste, and John will work with leaders in the Senate and House to identify and cut wasteful spending.

Eliminate Property Taxes
Property taxes are unfair – John DiSanto will go to Harrisburg and fight for a plan to eliminate them. When you own your home, you should own your home. The system we have now allows the government to take your house even though you’ve paid it off. Eliminating property taxes will relieve the burden of these taxes, especially on our working families and seniors. It will also jump-start our economy, by removing a significant barrier to home ownership.

Stand Up To Governor Wolf
Governor Wolf has shown that he is a liberal politician who’s only answer for the challenges facing our commonwealth is to raise taxes. John DiSanto will be a strong voice opposing Wolf’s efforts. John isn’t going to the capitol to fight for liberal special interests – he’s going to be a voice for small business owners and working families who would be crushed under Governor Wolf’s tax increases.

Creating An Environment For Jobs
As a private sector businessman all his life, John DiSanto knows that the government doesn’t create jobs. Instead it’s the hard working small business owners who create jobs in our communities. So John will fight hard to lessen burdensome regulations, keep the cost of government low, and make state government a partner with job creators to make sure our community has good paying jobs.

Deliver On Education For All Students
Our education system is broken. Instead of putting students first, our system has put the liberal special interests and unions first. John DiSanto will fight to reform our public schools including changing seniority rules, reforming charter schools, and putting a quality teacher in every classroom. John will also give a lifeline to kids trapped in failing schools by allowing them to utilize programs like the EITC and other credits to attend the school that best educates them. John will also work to fix chronically failing schools like Harrisburg. John knows we need to spend more money on schools, but we also have to reform our system and the way we spend our tax dollars.

Reform The Pension System
John DiSanto is absolutely committed to saving the pension system that many state retirees count on. He’s also committed to telling the truth about the system. Without changes, those at or nearing retirement age will see huge cuts to their pension and future generations will have a totally insolvent system. That’s why John supports common sense changes to reform the system to mirror the private sector and take on the more than $60 billion in liabilities in the future.

Reform Government
Harrisburg is broken and a big problem with the system is that career politicians who do not posses any business acumen are more interested in protecting their perks, pensions, and financial compensation than they are in doing what’s right for the people of the commonwealth. John DiSanto will support bills to implement dollar one reporting for gifts and tougher disclosure for lobbyists. John will also lead by example. John will turn down the pension and the per diems and will post his office expense each month so that people can review them.

Protect Our Constitutional Freedoms
As a State Senator, John DiSanto will take his oath to uphold the Constitution seriously. John will fight to protect our constitutional protections that Pennsylvanians value deeply.

John will stand up for innocent life by fighting for pro-life legislation that protects the rights of the unborn.

John will oppose useless and ineffective gun laws that do more to penalize the law abiding citizen than criminals. He’ll also fight to strengthen penalties for violence that is committed using a firearm in order to get tough on gun violence without the normal gun control “solutions” the left advocates.