Teplitz Stands With Wolf – DiSanto Will Stand With Taxpayers

John DiSanto News

Senator Votes Against $200 Million More For Schools Because Wolf Asked Him To

Loyal Democrat and Tom Wolf Supporter Rob Teplitz today cast a vote against a supplemental spending bill that would have provided more than $200 million in additional funding for schools, including critical dollars for Harrisburg Schools, because Governor Wolf asked him to oppose the spending.

“Rob Teplitz put Tom Wolf in front of all of us,” Conservative Republican John DiSanto said today. “I’m tired of Rob Teplitz putting Tom Wolf and the special interest’s in Harrisburg ahead of the hard working taxpayers of our community.”

Teplitz has consistently voted against budgets that include more money for education because they haven’t included billions of dollars in new taxes on the people of Pennsylvania.

“I’m tired of the Teplitz/Wolf team using our kids as political pawns in their quest to raise taxes,” DiSanto said.  “Instead of holding us all hostage, Rob Teplitz should be supporting this compromise that doesn’t raise taxes while increasing funding to our schools.”

DiSanto said that the is running to clean up the mess in Harrisburg, and will never let politics get in the way of doing what is right for the district.

“It’s clear today that Senator Teplitz cares more about his political patrons – like Governor Wolf and the liberal special interests including the public employee union bosses – than he does about doing what’s best for taxpayers,” Disanto said.   “I’m not the pick of the politicians or the special interests, and that’s a good thing.  I’ll be strong enough to stand up to Tom Wolf and for the people of the community.”

John Disanto is a conservative business leader who is running for the State Senate so our community can finally get the representation that they need.  John will fight wasteful spending, eliminate property taxes, and be a strong voice to stand up to Governor Wolf and his tax increases.  John is a lifelong resident of Dauphin County and lives here with his wife Maria.